My Favourite 2012 Vancouver Hip-Hop Happenings



The release of Moka Only’s 61, 62 and 63rd album, Especially my personal favourite of the three Airport-6  . which includes the single sleeping dogs ,  A great song with a slick video follow up including cameos from a bunch of local talent.

get any of his albums HERE!




Any true Vancouver hip-hop head remembers ‘The Krispy Bisket Show’.  Back in the day a lot of us had our tape decks queued up every Tuesday to record the latest Bisket Show. Now you can catch them every Saturday 12-2am on CJSF 90.1FM, spinning classics live, and thanks to the latest in technology there is no longer any reason to tape over any of your 95′ mixes,  Just go to their podcast site and listen anytime HERE! and check them out on Facebook HERE!

krispy bisket

#3-FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!

I’m constantly hearing people trash talk about the lack of good hip-hop in Vancouver…well now they can shut there filthy traps!!! Not only has there been an amazing amount of fan-flipping-tastic music released in 2012, most of it is FREE!!! and here are the links to my favourite freebees ..

SWEAT SHOP UNION- their newest album ‘Leisure Gang’ combines hard hitting raw hip-hop/electronic beats with an arsenal of humorous punch lines and catchy hooks. Only one year after releasing their last album, and local hit, ‘Bill Murray’, the six member group managed to get together between side projects and push out a short EP for their fans.  Get it HERE!

FATTY DOWN-released rollercoaster on bandcamp, free with the option to donate,this album has a shiyt load of great tracks with some great features including Mos Eisley, Moka Only and Josh Martinez.. get it HERE!

ATTIKUS-released boo radley on bandcamp, free with option to donate, it’s his first solo release and its sick as frick…you need to get your greasy little fingers on this one! just click HERE!

FRIENDS WITH THE HELP-released their second album ‘confidence’ on bandcamp. K-Rec just kills it on the production, Nige and Lux do a great job throughout the album with great lyrics/flows&hooks this is a must have, so go and get it! HERE! 

EMOTIONZ- released ‘pieces of me’ a mix of raw hip-hop and electronic music, short and sweet 6 track album with a little bit of everything, good anytime music, download it FREE HERE!

CORVID-released ‘dalriada’ his third album and by far my favourite Corvid so far, once again K-Rec kills production, this album comes across real and honest all the way through. every track is solid..go get it HERE!

CLOTH BROTHERS-released ‘cut from the same’ this is another good example of funky fresh free stuff, these guys are pretty new on the scene and I’m looking forward to hearing  more, hopefully lots more, check em out HERE!


plot thikens

Chadio released ‘Plot thickens EP’ a four track EP featuring production by Bevvy Swift and Joseph Martin, this EP is SICK, Chadio’s flow is always on point and sounds great over bassfull electronic beats, to top it off they held a contest and invited any dj/producer to give there best shot at remixing the tracks off the album than featured the winners on ‘Plot Thickens Remix LP’ what a great idea.. you can buy both on i-tunes HERE!

A.S.D.Sauce AKA SOS released a super slick funky soulful 12 track album of pure goodness with  help from Leks Beats and DJ C-LO they put together a very nice sounding album with a great flow.  ‘Feel’ is one of my very favourite tracks of 2012, you should go and buy it nowishley HERE!


This is just pure real hip-hop that puts a smile on my face, its always great to come across humble emcees that make music purely for the love of making music.  June Ten is a prime example of this. He just released the video ‘Rap Rebel’ and its exactly what i pictured the dude doing when i listen to his music, siting around in a dark room full of music equipment, records and book after book after book of lyrics, Rap Rebel is sick and hopefully he will follow it up with a full album. check out the video


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Im big into the recording arts, I love making and producing music. I host a radio show that focuses on local Canadian talent, I also write for Abort Mag on my spare time, I think its important to express yourself in as many was as possible so I'm pushing myself to write more, hope you enjoy it.
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