House Of Pain (Danny Boy) Interview 2016 (Audio+Vid)


I recently got the chance to sit down with Hip-Hop golden era legend Danny Boy and ask him all the questions iv had throughout the years of being a complete Zeeked out fan boy, and the answers i get are insane!. so much detail! we start off with early House Of Pain days, how he started the group and also groups La Coka Nostra and Delta Bravo Exploration Team, We also get into how the track Jump Around could have been so different if so many Emcees didn’t pass on it first before Dj Muggs gave it to Everelast and we get into detail about the Dj Quik beef, how it all started to how it ended (i couldn’t find anything online about this) if you want to hear the interview in its entirety including a Dj C-Lo House Of Pain mix and hip-hop drinking mix just click the Abort link and live stream on Abort Magazines web page with the option to download and if you like this subscribe on I-Tunes for a shit ton of interviews we have done…Thanks 🙂


Full podcast description and links below

We start this one up nice and sloppy just how you like it! trash talking the local pubs for Essing soooo much Deee running our mouths with that typical drunken jibber jabber we have become so well known for until C-lo finally shuts off our mic’s…then we get to the good stuff!C-Lo hits us with a solid mix of some rare and classic House Of Pain jams then moving on to a pre recorded interview with the one and only Danny Boy of the legendary groups House Of Pain and La Coka Nostra. Danny boy walks us through the early days of House Of Pain from the moment they met to the day they parted ways. He also touches base on touring with Beastie Boys, packing an AK on the tour bus, the beef with Dj Quik and his struggles with addiction. We wrap it up with talks of the 3rd and possibly final La Coka Nostra album and his love for documenting historical sites through his work with Delta Bravo. This hip-hop icon blesses us with endless knowledge and some of the most kick ass stories from house of pains hay days..DJ-C-LO wraps it all up with what may be the best hip-hop drinking mix of all time….ever… history of mankind, don’t miss out on this one hit that link kiiiidddd




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Im big into the recording arts, I love making and producing music. I host a radio show that focuses on local Canadian talent, I also write for Abort Mag on my spare time, I think its important to express yourself in as many was as possible so I'm pushing myself to write more, hope you enjoy it.
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