House Of Pain (Danny Boy) Interview 2016 (Audio+Vid)


I recently got the chance to sit down with Hip-Hop golden era legend Danny Boy and ask him all the questions iv had throughout the years of being a complete Zeeked out fan boy, and the answers i get are insane!. so much detail! we start off with early House Of Pain days, how he started the group and also groups La Coka Nostra and Delta Bravo Exploration Team, We also get into how the track Jump Around could have been so different if so many Emcees didn’t pass on it first before Dj Muggs gave it to Everelast and we get into detail about the Dj Quik beef, how it all started to how it ended (i couldn’t find anything online about this) if you want to hear the interview in its entirety including a Dj C-Lo House Of Pain mix and hip-hop drinking mix just click the Abort link and live stream on Abort Magazines web page with the option to download and if you like this subscribe on I-Tunes for a shit ton of interviews we have done‚ĶThanks ūüôā


Full podcast description and links below

We start this one up nice and sloppy just how you like it! trash talking the local pubs for Essing soooo much Deee running our mouths with that typical drunken jibber jabber we have become so well known for until C-lo finally shuts off our mic’s‚Ķthen we get to the good stuff!C-Lo hits us with a solid mix of some rare and classic House Of Pain jams then moving on to a pre recorded interview with the one and only Danny Boy of the legendary groups House Of Pain and La Coka Nostra. Danny boy walks us through the early days of House Of Pain from the moment they met to the day they parted ways. He also touches base on touring with Beastie Boys, packing an AK on the tour bus, the beef with Dj Quik and his struggles with addiction. We wrap it up with talks of the 3rd and possibly final La Coka Nostra album and his love for documenting historical sites through his work with Delta Bravo. This hip-hop icon blesses us with endless knowledge and some of the most kick ass stories from house of pains hay days..DJ-C-LO wraps it all up with what may be the best hip-hop drinking mix of all time‚Ķ.ever‚Ķ history of mankind, don’t miss out on this one hit that link kiiiidddd

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Vancouver’s non-dick riding list of “who to look out for in 2016”


There have been lots of 2016 “who to look out for” blogs in the last month and they are generally all the same. Some copy and paste culture vulture stepping out of their comfort zone to tell us who they think we should be checking out, it’s usually about a bunch of rappers who have been in the lime light for quite some time, that’s fine. But, when I read Madchild’s name on a “up and coming artist to look out for” list it makes me want to start a small fire then go cry in the shower. Hip hop isn’t about personally benefiting off riding other peoples dicks (unless there is a 6th element I have not heard of. It’s about growing as an art form and benefiting as a culture together (as cheesy as that sounds), but that’s just my opinion. So, if you want to read about Son Real’s new puppy, Matt Brevner’s latest hair cut or an update on what Heatwave had for breakfast click on one of those generic flashy Todd-blog goof links… But if you want that truthful goodgood about some fresh, new lyricist then here it is, a list of well written, and spoken, young gentlemen that will lyrically rip you a new ass hole if you step up in a cypher




This guy may be brand spanking new to the scene but was born and raised on hip-hop. You can just tell the shit flows through his veins (having Vancouver underground legend Azrael as an older brother couldn’t¬†hurt¬†either). Buddy boy had a busy year, he just dropped his first album BROKE¬†in¬†late 2015 and followed it up with SIRENS within months, starting up a¬†label¬†“Beast Van”, dropping a video (the badger) and jumping on stage and killing it with the best of them whenever he gets the chance…cop that album free and feast your little face holes upon this goodie.


Aktu El Shabazz


I don’t know too much about this dude and the information about him on the interwebs is slim pickings. What I do know is that buddy is dope live, super¬†comfortable¬†on stage and kills it in the freestyle cypher! From what I hear, he’s linking up with Jakob Evolved and Observatory Records to bring us some fresh new jammy jams. What he has posted up on Soundcloud is sick: flows, lyrics, and a voice. The kid’s got its all. Go check his jams on soundcloud here¬†


Sesh, Mercy & Genetics (formally Eh-yo)

eh yo

These 3 talented individuals recently parted ways from the group Eh-yo and all went on to do solo projects. Sesh dropped his first self titled album SESH ¬†in 2014 featuring a fuck ton of local talent and released it on cassette (that’s trendy as fuck) following it up with some great low budget music videos (he also made one for Moka Only).

Genetics has one of the tightest flows in the city. He usually stays pretty low profile but he managed to push out a solo project called Chill Vibes last year using only his i-phone to record it, and it turned out great. I hope to hear a lot more from this dude

And last but not least, Mercy formally known as Brash. Although he dropped his kick ass name in exchange for Mercy and stopped swearing on wax, don’t be fooled, this is no bible thumping bullshit. Brash has been leaking tracks off his next album (a collaboration with Dj Ted-D aka Leaf) on Bandcamp and they are fucking ill! Peep game here


kids 2

The kids (Jakub Evolved, Kelvin, Mizzy, Munro)¬†stepped on the¬†scene¬†a few years ago and instantly had the entire Vancouver hip-hop community backing them. So much has come out from this crew in such a short time including a collaboration with Vancouver’s ¬†legendary DJ KEMO, a bunch of solo side projects including Mizzy & Munro’s SPACE MONKEYS¬†, Jakobs new¬†endeavours with starting a label (Observatory Records)¬†and so many shows! If you ever get a chance to check kids live, do it! The amount of raw energy these guy produce on stage is amazing and they are straight up flawless. Check out the 16 albums¬†released¬†in the last 3 years here¬†



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5 Jesus approved hip-hop Christmas Videos


Sean P

Celebrate Christmas as GOD intended…with Hip-Hop, This is what Santa will be bumping in his sleigh this year


First up is the legend KoolMoeDee backed by Doug E Fresh and his crew the Treacherous 3, this was shot for the classic 80’s hip-hop flick “Beat Street” and is the best part of the movie in my opinion‚Ķpeep game

Not one respectable hip-hop head would go through the holiday season without bumping this CLASSIC jammie by RUN DMC and Jam Master Jay the hip-hop Kings from Queens…enjoy

This will be our first Christmas with out our big buddy Sean Price, this is by far my personal Christmas this animated vid we follow Sean through his home town Brownsville as he sticks up kids for their kicks and pisses all over Christmas…love this guy..RIP

“fuck christmas , fuck this shit, stick my dick in a box fuck this gift” -P

A crazy combination of quick witted lyricism, Mac Lethal and RA team up and make one of greatest hip-hop Christmas jams of all time…this has everything! Just look.

No christmas is complete without a fresh out of prison doped up DMX, when asked if he knew the lyrics for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer he lays it down without hesitation and fucking kills it! He’s the only dude on earth that makes crack addiction look cool.

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JuneTen’s 3D art

We recently had Artist/Rapper/Producer JuneTen down to our podcast Liquid Sunshine to discus the evolution of his style that seems to be one of a kind and second to none, I also got the chance to ask him a few questions about his other hobby which i could only describe as modern¬†origami graffiti, I have never seen anything quiet like it so we asked June to send over a few pictures to share with our listeners. and here they are, JuneTen’s 3D art.

IMG_3881 IMG_3880 IMG_3879 IMG_2478

To really get a good idea of how this mysterious,¬†underground, rarely seen Emcee’s music sounds your best chance is to come to Vancouver and keep your eye on every underground hip-hop flyer in hopes to catch a glimpse of his name (odds are slim to non) or check out our podcast¬†on Abort Magazines page and follow him on Vimeo, the only place i could find this dude online.

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Liquid Sunshine Podcast


Vancouver has a new Podcast LIQUID SUNSHINE  << (click on it!)  and it happens to be the greatest thing you will ever hear, its a all original, non censored, non edited  show that showcases only the best that Hip-Hop has to offer with hosts Mr. Archive, Saucy Slick And DJ C-Lo on the ones and twos. Sharing their vast knowledge of hip-hop and massive collection of new underground and local music featuring a new guest on every show to spit rhymes, share a few laughs and pound back a few tall cans with the Spits N Giggles crew. Be sure to check in every second Wednesday for the latest Liquid Sunshine Podcast download to keep you up to date on that local new new.

To Subscribe and Download in iTunes go to the file menu (top left corner of your screen) in iTunes, click subscribe to podcast, then copy and paste this link into the box.





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High And Low

High Or Low is the first single released from the album “Pharmaceutical Music” A dark jazzy drug induced collaboration between Tyler 2 Times, Bobby Brillo & Mr. Archive Featuring, Filmed Directed & Edited by Chaplyn. The full length album is set to be released mid May 2014 as a free download at

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Run The Jewels Vancouver BC LIVE!!!!!!


It was a boiling hot Vancouver friday night and The Biltmore Cabaret was packed front to back for the sold out Run The Jewels show with special guests Despot and Former Das Racist member Kool-A.D. who opened the show with a solid 40 minute set that showcased his latest solo mix tape “51” which instantly had everyone in the building heading towards the dance floor, Kool A.D. managed to get the crowed warmed up and moving just in time for the next act to hit the stage, Despot, who has yet to release a album despite the fact he has been rapping in the Queens underground hip-hop scene for over a decade decided to surprise everyone by preforming songs from his unreleased, highly anticipated, solo album “Hooray For Me”¬† that had the crowed hanging on his every word, Despot who came across¬† confident, even somewhat cocky when rhyming seemed humble and shy as he thanked the crowd for having him and introduced Killer Mike to the stage. Killer Mike slowly made his way up from the merch booth to the stage through the large crowd for a unexpected solo set that led to yet another unexpected El-P solo set that instantly turned the crowned into a full mosh pit, ¬†El-P performed one crowd pleaser after another until Killer Mike came back to join him and perform¬† Run The Jewels, every song, in order of the album. there was not one break in-between any of the sets and not once was there a dull moment. Run The Jewels was a prime example of what a real hip-hop show should be like, every act put on a fantastic performance and had something original to bring to the stage. it was also a reminder of how much potential the Biltmore has of being one of Vancouver’s ¬†best live venues, it has a nice vibe, lots of open space and a green room located across the stage that forces acts to interact with the crowd, In my case it gave me the chance to meet one of my all time favourite Emcee’s, turn his hand shake into a big sweaty hug and tell him”i love you El-P” in his ear, Im not sure if the love is mutual but I’m happy we got the chance to share that awkward moment together. Im sure this is not a show anyone who attended will soon forget.

Be sure to download their album FREE HERE>>>>RUN THE JEWELS

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