The Mysterious Riff Raff


Anyone familiar with Riff Raff’s music “career” has most likely asked the question “is this guy for real?” Well this question is not easily answered due to his unwillingness to speak about his past and the lack of information about him anywhere online dating before his 2009 appearance on MTV’s G’s to Gents, a reality show hosted by Fonzworth Bently (P-Diddys real life butler) which he was a contestant on. After his short roll in the reality series, RIFF gets MTV tattooed on his neck, renames himself MTV Riff Raff and decides to take on rapping which he claims he has never done before. He released his first mix tape ‘the Texas tornado’ in 09 and five more mix tapes within the next year, gaining him a spot on (which he gets tattooed on his shoulder). This eventually got Soulja Boy’s attention who then signed Riff to his label SODMG, Riff goes on to get SODMG tattooed on him and changes his name once again to SODMG Riff Raff, just to have the label drop him shortly after. A lot has happened to Riff Raff since, he changed his name once again to Jody Highroller, got signed to Diplo’s record label Mad Decent, formed a rap group ‘Three loco’ with Actors/comedians/”rapper’s” Dirt Nasty and Andy Milonakis and was portrayed by James Franco in the movie Spring Breakers.riff & james
Riff Raff is a very interesting character who keeps you wondering is this guy a genius that will not break character, is he playing a big joke on us all? Or, is he a very confused individual with a super messed up past that he wants to keep a secret? He keeps himself a mystery to everyone. So what do we know about Riff Raff? This is all i could dig up:

-His real name is Horst Christian Simco (born January 29, 1982) but he changed his name to Jody Christian
-He was born and raised on the north side of Huston Texas but was back in forth between there and Minnesota due to some petty theft under $500 charges
-He’s claims to be 27 years old but is actually 31 according to several other sources

Since there are no pictures of RIFF RAFF taken before the before his appearance on G’s to Gent’s here are a few pics of his family to give you a good idea of where he’s from


riff 2

Whatever his mysterious past is it will remain unknown for now and I think it’s for the best. This world needs a Riff Raff, a witty, fun loving clown who will do anything for attention and will put himself out there for everyone to judge and question, all in the name of entertainment.

Check out this great Nardwuar VS Riff Raff interview


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Im big into the recording arts, I love making and producing music. I host a radio show that focuses on local Canadian talent, I also write for Abort Mag on my spare time, I think its important to express yourself in as many was as possible so I'm pushing myself to write more, hope you enjoy it.
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9 Responses to The Mysterious Riff Raff

  1. I think he needs to get a Mr. Archive tattoo

  2. joeperrymc says:

    Nope, Im getting a riff raff tattoo

  3. x says:

    Those pictures aren’t of Riff Raff; those are his brother, pro snowboarder Viktor Simco.

  4. Tx says:

    That guy in the pics is actually his brother viktor simco whos a pro snowboarder. From what i know riff raff has always been riff raff he’s from a hood on the northside of houston called acres homes if you look its on his arms. Acres homes is da same hood slim thug, j-dawg and the rest of boss hogg outlawz are from so look up their videos if u want to see the kind of enviroment riff raff came from. I think he been rappin for longer though cause Og ron c was his manager and someone (i think big pic, dont remember) from swishahouse said his name in an old freestyle from the early 2000’s “leader of the pack like that boy riff raff”. Anyways i dont think he’s faking it he is being himself and he knows he is goofy as hell and i think he just plays off of that to be entertaining

  5. Bob says:

    I seen a few people claim that is a quote about riff raff the rapper. I don’t think it is. I think it is a reference to riff raff the cartoon cat, who was the leader of the pack known as “the catillac cats”. Its was a cartoon in the early 80s that ran back to back with Heathcliff.

  6. @bydiney says:

    Seguindo Riff Raff

  7. gesika says:

    Thats his bro viktor, but he didnt grow up in acres homes. He lived on stonewater right next door to me and went to langham creek high school. He took that name riff raff from an old screwed up clique rapper. He was a dork in school and played a lot of basketball. His family had a lot of troubles and they moved when we were in like 10th grade. After that he moved a lot and I saw his mom on people’s court for squatting.

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