I recently had the honour of hosting a one hour radio show with Emotionz, on 100.5FM, about the history of  Vancouver hip-hop. We touched base on several topics including the rise of Battle Axe, The Krispy Bisket Show, F.W.U.H. The Rascalz, Q-Continuum, Dj Science and much much more. Although one single hour is not nearly enough time to cover all of Vancouver’s great hip-hop happenings, we tried our best, and I think we did a pretty solid job. I have received some good feed back and a bunch of questions about the music that was played and talked about. So, I decided to post the show up for Download with a detailed list of what was played and links to most of the stuff we talked about……Enjoy.


1. Blind Wid Da Science-The Rascalz

2. Endangered Species-Swollen Members

3. Push It Along-Moka Only

4.Details-Moka Only

5. The Only One-Q-Continuum

6. The Chase Is On-Q-Continuum

7. Blue Collar Ballad-Sweat Shop Union

8. Keep on Lying-Imaginations Treetrunk

9. Ah Feat. Attikus & Relic- Emotionz

10. Numbers feat. DJ Wakcutt- Emotionz

A 1995 episode of RAP CITY Featuring all Vancouver Emcees filmed in Queen Elizabeth Park

The Krispy Bisket Show


The Krispy Bisket Show is definitely huge historically for Vancouver hip-hop, Airing every Saturday at midnight on 90.9FM Hosts DJ Kilocee and Incredible Ease go over hip-hop current events and spin great music for a solid two hours. you can check them out HERE>>>>>http://krispybisket.podomatic.com

unfortunately Incredible Ease has lymphoma cancer and is officially in the stem cell program in the United States. This has been a very long process for Incredible Ease and his family. Ease went through Cancer treatment in Canada but as he is an American citizen he was not covered by medical. His bills became too high, his family was not able to keep up as the cost of cancer treatment is very high, eventually Ease was cut off of treatment. Thus fundraising began. you can help this local legend through these hard time s by donating HERE>>>>>https://www.facebook.com/RaisingMoneyForEase


I still have the D.J. Science tape that was given to me at that Grizzlies game back in 95, It still works and i still bump it! this tape opened me up to a bunch of hip-hop that i may have not discovered myself for years. be sure to follow this dude https://twitter.com/dj_science

In conclusion i would just like to thank everyone for showing interests in the program, hopefully this blog answered some questions, be sure to support your local artist by going out to live events and downloading/sharing/buying their music they work so hard making for you. you can start by downloading my featured guest on the show Emotionz FREE album at the link below..


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Although you can download anything for free off the internet these days its always nice knowing your getting a top notch, high quality download with permission from the artist. As of recently it has become common for popular Emcee’s to release albums free of charge. Here are my top favourite FREE hip-hop album downloads of all time.

1. El-P & Killer “Run The Jewels” 2013

Killer Mike and El-P’s joint album under the name Run the Jewels is out now via Fool’s Gold. It features the previously shared tracks “Get It”, “Banana Clipper” (with Big Boi), and “36” Chain”, plus features from Prince Paul and Until the Ribbon Breaks. This album is a masterpiece!!



2.Danny Brown “XXX” 2011

I cannot get enough Danny Brown. He has the voice and twisted mind of a pubescent teenager constantly screaming about sex. this album is riddled with great beats and screaming with originality.



3. Action Bronson “Rare Chandeliers” 2012

Allot of people compare Action Bronson to Ghostface Killah due to the similarities of there voices, but thats just what fat dudes from Queens sound like..deal with it.



4. Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire “Lost In Translation” 2011

Mr eXquire’s style reminds me of everything that is missing in Hip-Hop nowadays, super raw flow and constant cocky remarks, As soon as i heard the single “Huzzah” from Mr.eXquire i was a full on fan, I downloaded the album and was continually impressed



5. Flatbush Zombies D.R.U.G.S. 2012

I cant put my finger on what it really is i actually like about these guys, but the beats are dope and the flows are sick, sometimes its lacking content but it makes up for it with ruthless hard hitting beats



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The Mysterious Riff Raff


Anyone familiar with Riff Raff’s music “career” has most likely asked the question “is this guy for real?” Well this question is not easily answered due to his unwillingness to speak about his past and the lack of information about him anywhere online dating before his 2009 appearance on MTV’s G’s to Gents, a reality show hosted by Fonzworth Bently (P-Diddys real life butler) which he was a contestant on. After his short roll in the reality series, RIFF gets MTV tattooed on his neck, renames himself MTV Riff Raff and decides to take on rapping which he claims he has never done before. He released his first mix tape ‘the Texas tornado’ in 09 and five more mix tapes within the next year, gaining him a spot on worldstarhiphop.com (which he gets tattooed on his shoulder). This eventually got Soulja Boy’s attention who then signed Riff to his label SODMG, Riff goes on to get SODMG tattooed on him and changes his name once again to SODMG Riff Raff, just to have the label drop him shortly after. A lot has happened to Riff Raff since, he changed his name once again to Jody Highroller, got signed to Diplo’s record label Mad Decent, formed a rap group ‘Three loco’ with Actors/comedians/”rapper’s” Dirt Nasty and Andy Milonakis and was portrayed by James Franco in the movie Spring Breakers.riff & james
Riff Raff is a very interesting character who keeps you wondering is this guy a genius that will not break character, is he playing a big joke on us all? Or, is he a very confused individual with a super messed up past that he wants to keep a secret? He keeps himself a mystery to everyone. So what do we know about Riff Raff? This is all i could dig up:

-His real name is Horst Christian Simco (born January 29, 1982) but he changed his name to Jody Christian
-He was born and raised on the north side of Huston Texas but was back in forth between there and Minnesota due to some petty theft under $500 charges
-He’s claims to be 27 years old but is actually 31 according to several other sources

Since there are no pictures of RIFF RAFF taken before the before his appearance on G’s to Gent’s here are a few pics of his family to give you a good idea of where he’s from


riff 2

Whatever his mysterious past is it will remain unknown for now and I think it’s for the best. This world needs a Riff Raff, a witty, fun loving clown who will do anything for attention and will put himself out there for everyone to judge and question, all in the name of entertainment.

Check out this great Nardwuar VS Riff Raff interview

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My Favourite 2012 Vancouver Hip-Hop Happenings



The release of Moka Only’s 61, 62 and 63rd album, Especially my personal favourite of the three Airport-6  . which includes the single sleeping dogs ,  A great song with a slick video follow up including cameos from a bunch of local talent.

get any of his albums HERE!




Any true Vancouver hip-hop head remembers ‘The Krispy Bisket Show’.  Back in the day a lot of us had our tape decks queued up every Tuesday to record the latest Bisket Show. Now you can catch them every Saturday 12-2am on CJSF 90.1FM, spinning classics live, and thanks to the latest in technology there is no longer any reason to tape over any of your 95′ mixes,  Just go to their podcast site and listen anytime HERE! and check them out on Facebook HERE!

krispy bisket

#3-FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!

I’m constantly hearing people trash talk about the lack of good hip-hop in Vancouver…well now they can shut there filthy traps!!! Not only has there been an amazing amount of fan-flipping-tastic music released in 2012, most of it is FREE!!! and here are the links to my favourite freebees ..

SWEAT SHOP UNION- their newest album ‘Leisure Gang’ combines hard hitting raw hip-hop/electronic beats with an arsenal of humorous punch lines and catchy hooks. Only one year after releasing their last album, and local hit, ‘Bill Murray’, the six member group managed to get together between side projects and push out a short EP for their fans.  Get it HERE!

FATTY DOWN-released rollercoaster on bandcamp, free with the option to donate,this album has a shiyt load of great tracks with some great features including Mos Eisley, Moka Only and Josh Martinez.. get it HERE!

ATTIKUS-released boo radley on bandcamp, free with option to donate, it’s his first solo release and its sick as frick…you need to get your greasy little fingers on this one! just click HERE!

FRIENDS WITH THE HELP-released their second album ‘confidence’ on bandcamp. K-Rec just kills it on the production, Nige and Lux do a great job throughout the album with great lyrics/flows&hooks this is a must have, so go and get it! HERE! 

EMOTIONZ- released ‘pieces of me’ a mix of raw hip-hop and electronic music, short and sweet 6 track album with a little bit of everything, good anytime music, download it FREE HERE!

CORVID-released ‘dalriada’ his third album and by far my favourite Corvid so far, once again K-Rec kills production, this album comes across real and honest all the way through. every track is solid..go get it HERE!

CLOTH BROTHERS-released ‘cut from the same’ this is another good example of funky fresh free stuff, these guys are pretty new on the scene and I’m looking forward to hearing  more, hopefully lots more, check em out HERE!


plot thikens

Chadio released ‘Plot thickens EP’ a four track EP featuring production by Bevvy Swift and Joseph Martin, this EP is SICK, Chadio’s flow is always on point and sounds great over bassfull electronic beats, to top it off they held a contest and invited any dj/producer to give there best shot at remixing the tracks off the album than featured the winners on ‘Plot Thickens Remix LP’ what a great idea.. you can buy both on i-tunes HERE!

A.S.D.Sauce AKA SOS released a super slick funky soulful 12 track album of pure goodness with  help from Leks Beats and DJ C-LO they put together a very nice sounding album with a great flow.  ‘Feel’ is one of my very favourite tracks of 2012, you should go and buy it nowishley HERE!


This is just pure real hip-hop that puts a smile on my face, its always great to come across humble emcees that make music purely for the love of making music.  June Ten is a prime example of this. He just released the video ‘Rap Rebel’ and its exactly what i pictured the dude doing when i listen to his music, siting around in a dark room full of music equipment, records and book after book after book of lyrics, Rap Rebel is sick and hopefully he will follow it up with a full album. check out the video


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Who is the true second coming????

Sick of waiting for the second coming of our lord a savour Jesus Christ? Well wait no longer, Here are the top three “chosen one’s” who have been sent by the gods to teach us the ways and guide us to the path of enlightenment……

Claude Maurice Marcel Vorilhon: born September 30, 1946 (France)

Vorilhon stated that he had an alien visitation on December 13, 1973. According to Vorilhon, in a secluded area within a French volcanic crater, an extraterrestrial being came out of a craft that had descended gently from the sky, and told him, in French, that he had come for the sole purpose of meeting with him. Vorilhon said that he was given a message by this alien and told that it was his mission to pass this message on to the people of Earth. He is now known as Rael and has started The Raëlian Movement which teaches that life on earth was scientifically created by a species of extraterrestrials , which they call the Elohim. Members of this species appeared human and when having personal contacts with the descendants of the humans they made, they were mistaken for angels, cherubim or gods. Raëlians believe messengers, or prophets, of the Elohim include buddha, Jesus, and others who informed humans of each era.The founder of Raëlism, members claim, received the final message of the Elohim and that its purpose is to pacify and inform the world about Elohim and that if humans become peaceful enough, they wish to be welcomed by them.

if this seems like your type of saviour click the link below for more info


David Vaughan Icke:born 29 April 1952 (England)

This interesting character started off as a BBC sports broadcaster but in the late 80’s started having visions and hearing voices,What followed was what Icke calls his “turquoise period.” He writes that he had been channeling for some time, and had received a message through automatic writing that he was a “Son of the Godhead,” interpreting “Godhead” as the “Infinite Mind.” He now began to wear only turquoise, which he saw as a conduit for positive energy. He had met Deborah Shaw, an English psychic living in Calgary, Alberta, in August 1990, and after he returned from Peru, they began a relationship, which led to the birth of a daughter in December 1991. At one point, Shaw moved in with him and his wife. Shaw changed her name to Mari Shawsun, while Icke’s wife became known as Michaela, which she said was an aspect of the Archangel Michael. They became known in the press as the “turquoise triangle.”He believes we were once a pure race until a multi-dementional race of shapeshifting reptiles came to earth in there spaceship (which happens to now be our moon) and started interbreeding with us.

to follow the god head to the path of purity click this link…..


Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop:born January 14, 1961(Russia)

He was born in Krasnodar; after service in the red army, he settled in Minusinsk. He worked as a traffic policeman before losing his job in 1989. In 1991 he was “reborn” as Vissarion, the returned Jesus Christ. In his system this does not make him God, but instead the word of God. His religion combines elements of the Russian orthodox church with Buddhism, apocalypticism, collectivism, and ecological values. His followers observe strict regulations, are vegans,and are allowed no vices such as smoking or drinking alcohol and money is banned. The aim of the group is to unite all religions on Earth. He has over 4000 followers who travel from all over the world to come live with him deep in siberia’s taiga forest where they can have as many wife’s as they want, this remote village runs off solar power and everyone grows all there own food, the education system teaches young women to respect and serve the men,The people who live in the mountains say they see spaceships on a regular basis.

for more info, start you journey through siberia’s taiga forest to meet the teacher and become reborn…

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The Life And Death Of Black Peter

                                                                    Black Peter


When was the last time you have seen a white guy in black face parading around the streets dressed as a slave? Maybe your grandparents have if they grew up in the south, or if you showed up to the legion last halloween in Campbellford, Ontario (but thats another story). How about last year in New Westminster at the Dutch Sinterklaas celebrations? BAM!! Of course, thats it, because up until this year one of the Dutch Sinterklaas celebrations main highlights was our good buddy in the pic above “Black Peter”. I read about this Black Peter character in the last issue of “The New Westminster Record” (I was very bored). Finally someone made a complaint and he was removed from the parade this year because “the black-faced helper carries racist undertones.” Racist undertones? Are you fucking kidding me? Black Peter is strait up Racist with a capital R! and I came to that conclusion before i looked into his background. What is the history of Black Peter you ask? Well, Before elves and eight tiny reindeer, St. Nicholas had a much more menacing assistant. Named Black Peter, this companion was the physical opposite of St. Nicholas. Tall and gaunt with a dark beard and hair, Black Peter was associated with the punitive side of Christmas. Traditionally St. Nicholas would hand out presents to good children, while it fell to Black Peter to dole out coal (and sometimes knocks on the head) But Really Black Peter was just a way for the 15th century Dutch to keep their children scared of anyone dark skinned, He was often represented holding a large bag, it was rumored to be used for stuffing children in for the trip back to Spain (so he could eat them!) and somehow this character lived on until last month in a city i call home..R.I.P. Black Peter, you will not be missed.

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Ol’ Dirty Felonies

                                                         Russell Tyrone Jones


1993 – ODB was convicted of second-degree assault in New York. for an attempted robbery.   

1994 – In Brooklyn, New York, ODB got into an argument with another rapper and was shot in the stomach. 

November 1997 – Ol’ Dirty Bastard was arrested and charged for failing to pay court-mandated child support of over $35,000, for three of his children he had with wife, Icelene Jones claimed he had not paid any support in over a year.

January 1998 – Jones was charged with attempted murder, attempted aggravated assault, and criminal possession of a weapon after he allegedly shot at two policemen who pulled him over for driving with his headlights off. The charges were dropped the following month after police could not link a weapon to him.

February 1998 – He was escorted off the stage at the Grammy Awards, after grabbing the microphone during Shawn Colvin’s acceptance speech and saying things such as, “Puffy is good, but Wu-Tang is the best” and “Wu-Tang is for the children”. 

April 1998 – He was handed a protection order after pleading guilty to attempted assault on Icelene Jones.

May 1998 – A bench warrant for his arrest was issued after he missed two court dates about his failure to pay child support.

July 1998 – ODB was shot in the back while being robbed while at his girl friends Brooklyn apartment.

July 1998 – A week after being shot, ODB was arrested in Virginia Beach for shoplifting a $50 pair of shoes.

August 1998 – Orders to arrest ODB were issued after he failed to show up to court for the shoplifting incident in Virginia Beach.

September 1998 – ODB was arrested on in Los Angeles for making terrorist threats after he was kicked out of the House of Blues in West Hollywood for acting drunk and disorderly. He returned a short time later and allegedly threatened to shoot the club’s security staff.

November 1998 – Arrested for making terrorist threats after allegedly threatening to kill an ex-girlfriend. The charges were later dismissed due to lack of evidence.

February 1999 – Jones was pulled over for a traffic violation in Los Angeles and when unable to produce a driver’s license, police searched him and discovered he was wearing a bulletproof vest. He was charged for unlawful possession of body armor.(the first person arrested for this infraction under a new California law)

1999 (March) Just four days after the above drug arrest, ODB was arrested in New York City for driving with a suspended license.

1999 (August) Pulled over in Queens, New York, after running a red light. Police searched the car and found narcotics. He was arrested for possessing a narcotic with intent to sell and was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree, criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fifth degree, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the second degree, unlawful possession of marijuana, driving by unlicensed operator, and disobeying the red traffic signal light

1999 (August) Ten days after his arrest in Queens on drug charges, a bench warrant was issued for OBD’s arrest for failing to appear in a Los Angeles Criminal Court for his February 1999 arrest for wearing a bulletproof vest.

1999 (November) Sentenced to one year in a drug rehabilitation facility and three years formal probation in Los Angeles for making terrorist threats (Sept. 98) and wearing a bulletproof vest (Feb. 99).

2000 (January) ODB escaped from his court-mandated drug treatment facility and spent one month as a fugitive. During his time on the run, he met with RZA and spent some time in their recording studio. He then appeared on-stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York swigging a bottle at the record release party for The W, the third Wu-Tang Clan album.

2000 (March) Sent to the California Department of Corrections for a 90-day evaluation for violating his probation after being kicked out of the rehabilitation facility in January.

2000 (June) After completing the 90-day evaluation, ODB was sentenced to spend 180 days at a drug treatment facility after pleading no contest to violating his probation in March.

2000 (October) A “no-bail” bench warrant has been issued for ODB after the rapper ran away from drug-treatment facility he was court ordered to go to for 180 days.2000 (November) Arrested at a McDonald’s restaurant in Philadelphia after being a fugitive from police for over a month.

2001 (July) Sentenced in Queens, New York to two to four years, for his August 1999 drug charges.

2001 (October) A Los Angeles Superior Court judge sentenced Jones to two years in prison for fleeing a drug rehab centre. His sentence was to run concurrently with his New York prison sentence.

2002 (summer) Arrested inside a South Philadelphia McDonald’s (at 29th and Gray’s Ferry Ave.), he was spotted by an off duty Philadelphia Police Officer. After several days in a Philadelphia jail, was extradited to New York City. A Manhattan court sentenced him to two to four years incarceration. He attempted suicide not long after his sentencing.

O.D.B. May have had a troubled life but he was a rap GOD and his lifestyle was just as interesting as his rhymes/flow, since i only posted his criminal acts in this blog i am going to make it a gaol to do one strictly about his good side thats just as long or longer than this.

Brooklyn Zoo  <<<<<CLICK IT!

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