Run The Jewels Vancouver BC LIVE!!!!!!


It was a boiling hot Vancouver friday night and The Biltmore Cabaret was packed front to back for the sold out Run The Jewels show with special guests Despot and Former Das Racist member Kool-A.D. who opened the show with a solid 40 minute set that showcased his latest solo mix tape “51” which instantly had everyone in the building heading towards the dance floor, Kool A.D. managed to get the crowed warmed up and moving just in time for the next act to hit the stage, Despot, who has yet to release a album despite the fact he has been rapping in the Queens underground hip-hop scene for over a decade decided to surprise everyone by preforming songs from his unreleased, highly anticipated, solo album “Hooray For Me”  that had the crowed hanging on his every word, Despot who came across  confident, even somewhat cocky when rhyming seemed humble and shy as he thanked the crowd for having him and introduced Killer Mike to the stage. Killer Mike slowly made his way up from the merch booth to the stage through the large crowd for a unexpected solo set that led to yet another unexpected El-P solo set that instantly turned the crowned into a full mosh pit,  El-P performed one crowd pleaser after another until Killer Mike came back to join him and perform  Run The Jewels, every song, in order of the album. there was not one break in-between any of the sets and not once was there a dull moment. Run The Jewels was a prime example of what a real hip-hop show should be like, every act put on a fantastic performance and had something original to bring to the stage. it was also a reminder of how much potential the Biltmore has of being one of Vancouver’s  best live venues, it has a nice vibe, lots of open space and a green room located across the stage that forces acts to interact with the crowd, In my case it gave me the chance to meet one of my all time favourite Emcee’s, turn his hand shake into a big sweaty hug and tell him”i love you El-P” in his ear, Im not sure if the love is mutual but I’m happy we got the chance to share that awkward moment together. Im sure this is not a show anyone who attended will soon forget.

Be sure to download their album FREE HERE>>>>RUN THE JEWELS


About joeperrymc

Im big into the recording arts, I love making and producing music. I host a radio show that focuses on local Canadian talent, I also write for Abort Mag on my spare time, I think its important to express yourself in as many was as possible so I'm pushing myself to write more, hope you enjoy it.
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