The Life And Death Of Black Peter

                                                                    Black Peter


When was the last time you have seen a white guy in black face parading around the streets dressed as a slave? Maybe your grandparents have if they grew up in the south, or if you showed up to the legion last halloween in Campbellford, Ontario (but thats another story). How about last year in New Westminster at the Dutch Sinterklaas celebrations? BAM!! Of course, thats it, because up until this year one of the Dutch Sinterklaas celebrations main highlights was our good buddy in the pic above “Black Peter”. I read about this Black Peter character in the last issue of “The New Westminster Record” (I was very bored). Finally someone made a complaint and he was removed from the parade this year because “the black-faced helper carries racist undertones.” Racist undertones? Are you fucking kidding me? Black Peter is strait up Racist with a capital R! and I came to that conclusion before i looked into his background. What is the history of Black Peter you ask? Well, Before elves and eight tiny reindeer, St. Nicholas had a much more menacing assistant. Named Black Peter, this companion was the physical opposite of St. Nicholas. Tall and gaunt with a dark beard and hair, Black Peter was associated with the punitive side of Christmas. Traditionally St. Nicholas would hand out presents to good children, while it fell to Black Peter to dole out coal (and sometimes knocks on the head) But Really Black Peter was just a way for the 15th century Dutch to keep their children scared of anyone dark skinned, He was often represented holding a large bag, it was rumored to be used for stuffing children in for the trip back to Spain (so he could eat them!) and somehow this character lived on until last month in a city i call home..R.I.P. Black Peter, you will not be missed.


About joeperrymc

Im big into the recording arts, I love making and producing music. I host a radio show that focuses on local Canadian talent, I also write for Abort Mag on my spare time, I think its important to express yourself in as many was as possible so I'm pushing myself to write more, hope you enjoy it.
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One Response to The Life And Death Of Black Peter

  1. karriegomes says:

    Love it! 🙂 Great read.. and to be honest.. I’d never heard of Black Peter. But wow.. he was definitely long lived!

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