Ol’ Dirty Felonies

                                                         Russell Tyrone Jones


1993 – ODB was convicted of second-degree assault in New York. for an attempted robbery.   

1994 – In Brooklyn, New York, ODB got into an argument with another rapper and was shot in the stomach. 

November 1997 – Ol’ Dirty Bastard was arrested and charged for failing to pay court-mandated child support of over $35,000, for three of his children he had with wife, Icelene Jones claimed he had not paid any support in over a year.

January 1998 – Jones was charged with attempted murder, attempted aggravated assault, and criminal possession of a weapon after he allegedly shot at two policemen who pulled him over for driving with his headlights off. The charges were dropped the following month after police could not link a weapon to him.

February 1998 – He was escorted off the stage at the Grammy Awards, after grabbing the microphone during Shawn Colvin’s acceptance speech and saying things such as, “Puffy is good, but Wu-Tang is the best” and “Wu-Tang is for the children”. 

April 1998 – He was handed a protection order after pleading guilty to attempted assault on Icelene Jones.

May 1998 – A bench warrant for his arrest was issued after he missed two court dates about his failure to pay child support.

July 1998 – ODB was shot in the back while being robbed while at his girl friends Brooklyn apartment.

July 1998 – A week after being shot, ODB was arrested in Virginia Beach for shoplifting a $50 pair of shoes.

August 1998 – Orders to arrest ODB were issued after he failed to show up to court for the shoplifting incident in Virginia Beach.

September 1998 – ODB was arrested on in Los Angeles for making terrorist threats after he was kicked out of the House of Blues in West Hollywood for acting drunk and disorderly. He returned a short time later and allegedly threatened to shoot the club’s security staff.

November 1998 – Arrested for making terrorist threats after allegedly threatening to kill an ex-girlfriend. The charges were later dismissed due to lack of evidence.

February 1999 – Jones was pulled over for a traffic violation in Los Angeles and when unable to produce a driver’s license, police searched him and discovered he was wearing a bulletproof vest. He was charged for unlawful possession of body armor.(the first person arrested for this infraction under a new California law)

1999 (March) Just four days after the above drug arrest, ODB was arrested in New York City for driving with a suspended license.

1999 (August) Pulled over in Queens, New York, after running a red light. Police searched the car and found narcotics. He was arrested for possessing a narcotic with intent to sell and was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree, criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fifth degree, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the second degree, unlawful possession of marijuana, driving by unlicensed operator, and disobeying the red traffic signal light

1999 (August) Ten days after his arrest in Queens on drug charges, a bench warrant was issued for OBD’s arrest for failing to appear in a Los Angeles Criminal Court for his February 1999 arrest for wearing a bulletproof vest.

1999 (November) Sentenced to one year in a drug rehabilitation facility and three years formal probation in Los Angeles for making terrorist threats (Sept. 98) and wearing a bulletproof vest (Feb. 99).

2000 (January) ODB escaped from his court-mandated drug treatment facility and spent one month as a fugitive. During his time on the run, he met with RZA and spent some time in their recording studio. He then appeared on-stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York swigging a bottle at the record release party for The W, the third Wu-Tang Clan album.

2000 (March) Sent to the California Department of Corrections for a 90-day evaluation for violating his probation after being kicked out of the rehabilitation facility in January.

2000 (June) After completing the 90-day evaluation, ODB was sentenced to spend 180 days at a drug treatment facility after pleading no contest to violating his probation in March.

2000 (October) A “no-bail” bench warrant has been issued for ODB after the rapper ran away from drug-treatment facility he was court ordered to go to for 180 days.2000 (November) Arrested at a McDonald’s restaurant in Philadelphia after being a fugitive from police for over a month.

2001 (July) Sentenced in Queens, New York to two to four years, for his August 1999 drug charges.

2001 (October) A Los Angeles Superior Court judge sentenced Jones to two years in prison for fleeing a drug rehab centre. His sentence was to run concurrently with his New York prison sentence.

2002 (summer) Arrested inside a South Philadelphia McDonald’s (at 29th and Gray’s Ferry Ave.), he was spotted by an off duty Philadelphia Police Officer. After several days in a Philadelphia jail, was extradited to New York City. A Manhattan court sentenced him to two to four years incarceration. He attempted suicide not long after his sentencing.

O.D.B. May have had a troubled life but he was a rap GOD and his lifestyle was just as interesting as his rhymes/flow, since i only posted his criminal acts in this blog i am going to make it a gaol to do one strictly about his good side thats just as long or longer than this.

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