Did everyone forget what Eddie Murphy did in 1997?

I have absolutely nothing to say about what people do behind close doors such as drug use, prostitution and other illegal acts, it’s none of my frickin business but on the other hand if you are a public figure that specializes in children’s entertainment I think something should be said and thats were our good friend Eddie Murphy comes into play. I have always been somewhat of a Eddie Murphy fan, I find him amusing and charming with a contagious laugh.  Leading up until 1997 he made several box office hits with his goofy big smile and raunchy jokes, he seemed like a bad ass dude with street smarts and I wouldn’t put it past him to mingle in drugs and sleep with prostitutes. That’s why when he was pulled over after picking up a prostitute on Santa Monica Boulevard in 1997 I was not that shocked but when i learned it was a transsexual in a area well known for homosexual  prostitution i was surprised. His story is she was on the corner crying and he was just trying to help, her, him, lets just call it Seiuli..Seiuli remembers: “he asked me if I did this for a living, being a transsexual prostitute. I said yes. ”  Eddie said, ‘Do you like to wear lingerie?’ I said yes. He said, ‘Can I see you in lingerie?’ I told him, ‘Whenever I have the time.’ He said, ‘I’ll make the time.’ “Then he asked me, ‘What type of sex do you like?’ I said I was into everything.” Seiuli also told the police Eddie put $200 on her/his lap Or at least, that was Seiuli’s story. So a year go’s by and everyone seems to forget about the Eddie Tranny ordeal and he lands his first kids movie gig “Doctor Dolittle” followed by “Nutty Professor”, “Shrek”,”Daddy Day Care” and so on and so on. Now families all over the world are inviting him into there living rooms to teach their kids good morals and give everyone a wholesome laugh. But wait one stinkin flippin minute , does anyone remember Paul Reuben (PeeWee Herman) and his charge in 1991  for masturbating in a dark adult theater???? Of course you do!! Not only did it make headlines all over the world for years it also ruined his career, doing something i thought was completely legal.  Why else would anyone go to a dirty theater? Definitely not for the plot. So now one great family Entertainer(Paul Reubens) has to start making his way back up from the bottom, and another mediocre actor thats career was in the shitter (Eddie Murphy) Gets a chance to become a voice/influence for the next generation.

This has been a just little reminder, try not to forget..  


About joeperrymc

Im big into the recording arts, I love making and producing music. I host a radio show that focuses on local Canadian talent, I also write for Abort Mag on my spare time, I think its important to express yourself in as many was as possible so I'm pushing myself to write more, hope you enjoy it.
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